TECKA Helps Completion of Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)

2019-07-01 13:29
Beijing Daxing International Airport was known as "the world's largest airport", it was officially put into operation at the end of September.

As the supplier of the central airconditioning system of the PKX airport, TECKA Intelligent and Efficient Integrated Energy Station perfectly meets the construction requirements of PKX airport, and will provide the airport with comfortable and clean fresh air.


TECKA Intelligent and Efficient Integrated Energy Station adopt the systematic design concept to integrate all equipment into one, which greatly simplifies the design, equipment procurement and installation of the refrigeration station. It can work according to the outdoor environment. Real-time calculation and adjustment of operating conditions and indoor load changes to achieve the highest energy-efficient operation of the system, which saves 15-20% of electricity compared to traditional water-cooled cold water systems, and reduces overall water consumption by 40% compared to traditional cooling tower systems.

TECKA Intelligent and Efficient Integrated Energy Station has been widely used in various fields such as rail transit, data centers, commercial real estate, sports venues, petrochemicals, electronic purification, biomedicine, etc., and has been trusted and praised by customers all over the world.